What is a natural beauty product?

Karen Avidar


Most of us grew up buying mainstream products from our local convenience stores or pharmacies because it was convenient, inexpensive and what we knew. Today, when it comes to buying beauty products, the options are limitless and there is more awareness and demand for natural, organic products than there ever was before. 

If you're new to the natural skincare and haircare world, you may be wondering why it's worth it to spend the extra money on an organic face oil or lip balm. To put it simply, natural products work. And even more importantly, with natural products you can rest assured that there are no hidden ingredients that, in the worst-case, can cause harmful health effects in the long-run and in, most cases, are made with cheap fillers that render the product pretty much useless. In short, you may be spending a bit less and the access to those mainstream products could be easy but the reality is you'll be much less likely to see the results you're looking for from your skincare routine. 

Many misunderstand what it means for a product to be natural. In the simplest of terms, natural products are plant-based, made without synthetic ingredients and preserved with plant-based ingredients or other ingredients found in nature. The best natural products are made with organic (no fertilizers or pesticides) and cold-pressed (process that retains nutrients in the plant) ingredients.

Unlike mainstream beauty products, natural cosmetics contain a high amount of active ingredients and no fillers such as parabens, artificial fragrance or dyes. When a product contains a large quantity of active ingredients, you're much more likely to start seeing the positive effect on your skin.

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