5 Ways To Keep Your Personal Care Routine Earth-Friendly

Karen Avidar

1. Turn off water

Be mindful of when you actually need to use some water while brushing your teeth. When you're brushing, turn the water off. Same goes for the shower. Texting or scrolling Instagram while the shower runs is the worst offense after texting and driving.

2. Unplug

Whether it's your electronic toothbrush charger, hairdryer or other bathroom appliances, there's really no need to leave them plugged in 24/7. Give your outlet a break, especially for electronics not in use.

3. Reusable alternatives

There's reusable dental floss containers, cotton rounds, deodorant packaging and much more. Check it out, it's pretty cool.

4. Less toilet paper

Do you know that person who takes a ton of toilet paper only to use the smallest amount? Please, don't be that person.

5. Turn off the lights

Make it a ritual to make sure your bathroom lights (and all other lights) are turned off before you leave your home. The earth and your bank account will be grateful.

photo credit: whole earth catalog

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