Why Use Natural Deodorant?

Karen Avidar

Smelling good is a crucial part of life - it keeps us feeling confident about ourselves, has an effect on our ability to attract friends and romantic partners and can even have an impact on our emotional state

Before delving into the logic behind natural deodorant, it's helpful to understand why our body produces odor in the first place. Body odor is a result of a process that occurs between sweat and bacteria. Our sweat creates a cozy hangout for bacteria that thrive on eating away at moisture. When bacteria binge-eat our sweat, they leave behind waste which causes body odor.

Most standard deodorants are actually a deodorant-antiperspirant combination, which means they use two different approaches to fight body odor. Deodorants work to kill bacteria, while antiperspirants, such as aluminum salts, block the sweat glands so that the bacteria have nothing to prey on.

This may sound like a great tactic for keeping your body odor at bay but the catch is that studies have found that antiperspirant ingredients can change your skin's ecosystem for the worse and may even be linked to diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer's.

Research has shown that antiperspirants can lead to the growth or introduction of new bacteria - some of which smell even worse. This means continued use of these ingredients could have you unknowingly intensifying your body odor while reducing your body's natural ability to regulate odor.

This is where natural deodorants come into play. Natural, plant-derived ingredients can kill bacteria and absorb sweat without clogging pores or harming your body's ecosystem. Furthermore, with no antiperspirants, you won't have to worry about potential toxins hanging out in your bloodstream.

If you've been using antiperspirants for years, you might experience a short adjustment period while your body's bacteria adapt to the new change. This just means you should have your new deodorant in your bag for a week or two so that you can reapply more regularly. Once your body adapts, you'll be back to business as usual and most importantly, you'll smell great. 



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