No Shit Beauty was founded by Karen Avidar in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

I started making my own skincare products in 2014 after moving from the US to Tel Aviv. I knew that moving here would mean giving up on the vast options that exist in the world of organic and natural skincare in the US - as well as adapting to several other cultural and societal differences ;)

Having very sensitive skin, I gravitated towards natural products after years of failed creams and prescriptions given to me by dermatologists. After starting acupuncture and meeting with a remarkable naturopath, I discovered an entire world of ancient traditions and natural remedies that I found really worked for me like nothing had before.

Although I wasn't a trained aromatherapist or chemist (I had studied film and communication), being a curious person who loves to research, I began reading about various natural remedies, theories and traditions.

My first attempt was creating a dry shampoo powder. After a year of testing Ayurvedic, Japanese and Chinese remedies for an oily-scalp, I finally arrived at a recipe that I loved. Eventually, friends and family kept requesting my powder formula and on a whim I decided to sell it.

The sense of fulfillment and joy I received from making a product that others can rely on prompted me to continue searching and learning different remedies and wanting to create more solutions. Next came a balm. After that a deodorant (this one was the hardest to formulate and now has become my best-selling product). Then tinted balms. A hair oil. A toner. A face oil. A powder mask. Another face oil. Each recipe carefully researched, tested and designed by me using organic, cold-pressed botanical oils, butters, herbs, clay powders and vegetable-based, natural additives. 

My favorite part of making these products are the e-mails I get from total strangers letting me know how much my products have helped them. This is what makes the research and effort worth it and energizes me to do more.

If I were to articulate what my mission and theory is when it comes to natural skincare it would be these ideas:

1 - The tools, remedies and routines for healthy skin and hair exist abundantly within natural resources and should be available to all

2 - Knowledge is key when it comes to caring for and healing ourselves

3 - When you an invest in skincare it should deliver results and provide you ease and comfort

I hope my products help you feel more in control over your body, stand a bit taller, smile a bit wider and enjoy the simple things in life.



No Shit Beauty was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2015. All products are handcrafted using organic, cold-pressed ingredients of the highest quality with no filler ingredients, synthetics, plastics or harmful ingredients.