02 Haircare Set

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02 Haircare Set

02 Haircare Set

Includes - 

Hair Oil

Wave Mist

Dry Shampoo Powder

How To Use: 

- Apply 5-10 drops of Hair Oil to scalp before washing hair. Massage into scalp and let sit 10 minutes. Wash hair.

- Apply Wave Mist mid-section and down to wet or damp hair after brushing (if you brush). 

- Apply Dry Shampoo Powder on to areas near scalp where excess oil begins to appear. Massage in until absorbed. 

- Apply Wave Mist to mid-section and down on dry hair to style and moisture.

** Pro-tip: Use Dry Shampoo Powder and Wave Mist together in order to create a just-washed and fresh feeling when there is no time for a real shower. Use Hair Oil on dry hair to add shine and moisture.

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