Toning Face Mist

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Toning Face Mist
Toning Face Mist
Toning Face Mist

Unique blend of botanical hydrosols that soothes, hydrates and calms all skin types. Tones and prepares skin for face oil or moisturizer and can be reapplied through out the day to refresh.

*Suitable and highly effective for sensitive, acne-prone skin. 

Rose Hydrosol - Geranium Hydrosol - Aloe Vera Extract - Witch Hazel

Use along with Balancing Face Serum or Hydrating Face Oil


Rose - Anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness, balance skin sebum production and aids in removing oil and dirt that build up in pores to prevent acne.

Geranium - Anti-viral, anti-bacterial and humectant properties. Helps cleanse pores and maintain moisture.

Aloe Vera - Helps sooth irritated, red skin and treats acne, redness and other skin irritations.

Witch Hazel - Natural astringent that reduces inflammation, decreases oil and redness and manages bacteria growth on the skin while speeding up the healing of scars, scabs and infection.

How to use it? Spray a few inches away from face before applying any face serum or moisturizer and after cleansing skin. Reapply to sooth, hydrate and clean through out the day. 

Non GMO. No Preservatives. No Alcohol. No Animal Testing. 

Yes! Organic. Vegan. 

- 50 ml -


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