Toning Face Mist

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Toning Face Mist
Toning Face Mist
Toning Face Mist

Hydrating & Calming

Prepares skin to receive moisture & gently cleans

Unique blend of botanical hydrosols that have the ability to soothe sensitive skin and gently clean any remaining bacteria, dust or residue not washed away with a cleanser.

Ingredients: Rose, Geranium, Aloe, Witch Hazel.

Rose - Anti-inflammatory, balances oil production, reduces redness

Geranium - Anti-viral, seals in moisture, anti-bacterial

Witch Hazel - Reduces inflammation, manages bacteria growth, speeds up healing of scars

Use along with Balancing Face Serum or Hydrating Face Oil


How to use it? Spray a few inches away from face before applying any face serum or moisturizer and after cleansing skin. Reapply to sooth, hydrate and clean through out the day. 

Non GMO. No Preservatives. No Alcohol. No Animal Testing. 

Yes! Organic. Vegan. 

50 ml


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